Dallas Nappy Hair Products

 Eliminates Dryness, Dandruff, Stimulates Gro​wth & Enhances Your​ Curl ​Pattern​​ On All Hair Types 

Natural & Chemical Based Hair

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Dallas Nappy Hair Products Is A Life Style Not A Hair Style 

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Crystal - Adds a Natural  Lasting  Shine 

Crystal  -  Adds the Glaze-Shine. 

Benefits: The lasting Glaze and Shine that eliminates frizz and dryness.

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Curlcoil - Stimulates Lingering Coils

 Curlcoil  - Seals the moisture that solidifies the curl pattern for a tenacious curl pattern.

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Silky - Is Satiny, Adds Longstanding Moisture   

Silky -  Provides a Satiny consistency on all hair types, styles and hair types including facial hairs and brows. 

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